Let's explore the South. 


I'm Jenn.
I'm a copywriter by trade and an explorer at heart. I've never met a Southern city or town I didn't love, and I've yet to meet any other place in the world without its own charm. Sometimes I write about these places, sometimes I write about other things, and sometimes I just travel for the sheer love of it.

More about me? You're making me blush.
I am a proud North Carolinian (Go Deacs!), even though I've lived in Nashville (Go Predators!), New Orleans (Geaux Saints!) and Southern California before moving back to North Carolina because there's no place more beautiful than my home state. Give me a cold bottle of Cheerwine, a warm Krispy Kreme doughnut and a deck looking out over Kure Beach. Make sure The Embers or the Chairmen of the Board are playing in the background, and I'm a happy girl. I've been incredibly lucky to be able to write about some of my travels over the years. You can read about them here. Every once in a while you might see some stuff about the business of writing on this site. If it helps you, awesome! If not, just skip right over it. No hard feelings.

Wanderer. Gypsy. Explorer.
All words that have been used to describe me. If they fit you too, then we're already best friends. I love to show my readers the best places to go, and how to prepare for your trip. I can show you how to take trips without breaking the bank, whether you want to write about your travels or not.